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Cal Athletics Releases "You Can Play" Video

The Bears have come out to end the battle against homophobia.

Equal rights for all. It's been a big theme of 2013, and this week marked a big step ahead in the fight. Today the University of California joined in supporting the LGBT community by releasing this video. Numerous Cal coaches and players voice their support in the video.

UCLA did something similar a few months ago (nice job baby bros!), so even though it might seem like Cal is riding the coattails of DOMA, it's better late than never. There is a lot of genuine feeling in this video, with athletes like Nick Forbes, Caitlin Leverenz, and Bryce Treggs along with leaders like Sandy Barbour, Jack Clark, Sonny Dykes, Mike Montgomery, Lindsay Gottlieb and others showing up and voicing their support to end homophobia in the locker room and on the playing field.

You have to imagine this is only the beginning the fight, but it's good to see Cal Athletics marching on the right side of history today. GO BEARS!