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Cal Football: Maurice Harris Joins Us After Spring Practice!

The Cal wide receiver discusses what life is like without his cousin Keenan Allen, plus how much he appreciates the new Sonny Dykes offense.

Maurice Harris interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Maurice Harris interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Lindsay Brauner

Maurice Harris Post-Spring Practice (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Maurice Harris. Thanks for joining us, Maurice.

Maurice Harris (MH): No problem.

LB: How did practice go tonight?

MH: It was okay. I didn't have that great of a great day, but I tried to erase from my mind the mistakes that I made so I could have a better practice.

LB: Keenan Allen, your cousin, left for the NFL this year. How different is the team without him?

MH: It's different, but we have a different offense, so it's a lot of different routes, like getting the play and getting the ball in your hands. It's just a different system, but I do miss him and it was good playing with him.

LB: How is it playing without him on the field this year? Are you already noticing a difference?

MH: Yeah, yeah, we had a good connection and a good relationship, so it's different. But my other teammates and I have a good connection, too, so we just have to keep it going and step up.

LB: How confident do you feel in your position as a starter?

MH: I feel confident. I just have to keep making plays, be consistent every day, and get better. You can't just stay in the same place. There are a lot of good teams out there we're going to face this season, so we have to practice like we're going to play and get better every day.

LB: How are you liking your new offense as compared to last year.

MH: I like it. This system is a lot faster, it's different; you have to be in great shape, be conditioned and be smart to tell yourself you're not tired and keep going and fight.

LB: Do you feel yourself getting in better condition even after six practices?

MH: Oh yeah, it's just a continuous run. We're going fast, we're playing fast. I feel like I'm in pretty good shape.

LB: Is the regimen in the weight room different this year compared to last year considering the change in pace?

MH: No, not too much. We're still lifting hard and staying in great shape, keeping our bodies fit for the offense. It's a little different, but everything's fast.

LB: How are you liking public practices?

MH: It's nice to see everybody supporting the team. [With the fans here], it gets us pumped up to see somebody watching us, so it's good.

LB: So you like it a lot better than last year?

MH: Yeah, but we also have to stay focused and not worry about outside things.

LB: Great, thanks so much, Maurice!

MH: Thank you.

LB: We'll see you soon!