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Cal Football Field Naming Rights On Sale

Cue the grass jokes!


As has been broken down on this site innumerable times, Cal Athletics has money troubles (read Twist's excellent take on the matter from earlier this week). So it shouldn't be a big surprise that the Bears are looking for as many ways as possible to monetize their product and cover the deficit in as many ways as they can.

One of the easiest ways to make money would be to sell the naming rights to Memorial Stadium, but it doesn't seem like the Athletic Department is about to cross that line. Instead they'll take a middle ground approach and give out naming rights to the football field.

Oh the possibilities for the name. While AT&T would be the obvious sponsor since Memorial appears to be the only place on Earth where you get perfect reception, let's daydream here. What sponsor would you want for our football field?

Top Dog Field: Has a nice ring to it, maintains counter-culture ideal, and they're selling Hot Links up at the stadium rim already!

Chez Panisse Field: Buy a premium ticket and Alice Waters cooks lunch/dinner for you in your booth!

Fenton's Creamery Field: Cal scores 30 or more points, we get a free sundae with our ticket!

Basically I just want free food out of all of this. I don't really care about the name all that much.

What would be the best name for our football field?