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NBA Draft 2013 Open Thread

Cal's Allen Crabbe is expected to be selected mid-to-end of round 1 (guaranteed contract!). Find out where he goes and discuss all thing NBA Draft here.

What uniform will Allen Crabbe be wearing next?
What uniform will Allen Crabbe be wearing next?

And D-Day is upon us. Which team will select Allen Crabbe? At which arena may we hear "SIX FOOT SIX FROM CALIFORNIA, ALLEN CRABBE" on a nightly basis (if he becomes a starter)?

Check out my preview of the various potential Allen Crabbe destinations in our NBA Draft preview.

You can follow Allen Crabbe's journey to the NBA on Draft Dreams.



Other familiar name in the NBA Draft this year include the fast aging Shabazz Muhammad from UCLA, Colorado's Andre Roberson (projected to go in the 2nd round), and USC's Dewayne Dedmon (also possibly in the second round).

How many time with the word "upside" be uttered tonight? Find out and discuss all the draft actions in this thread.