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Cal Football: Bryce Treggs Mean Mugs For The Camera

Cal wide receiver Bryce Treggs flashes us his toughest faces.

Bryce Treggs at Cal spring practice
Bryce Treggs at Cal spring practice
Lindsay Brauner

Spring Practice Talk with Bryce Treggs (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Bryce Treggs (BT): You wanna get on the good side?

Lindsay Brauner (LB): I'm just gonna say Bryce and I have the same good side, so I'll be the bigger person and let him have it tonight.

BT: I appreciate it.

LB: Hi, it's Lindsay Brauner here with Bryce Treggs. Bryce, thanks for joining us. It's after the first day of spring practice, how do you think it went?

BT: I think it went pretty good for the first day. We're still trying to pick up the new offense a little bit, but for the most part, it was a great day.

LB: What was your favorite part of practice?

BT: Just running all those fade routes.

* Mumbled off-screen trash talk *

LB: What, Stef?

BT: Stef McClure did pretty good, so I gotta give him his credit, but he wasn't on my side, so I didn't get a chance to go against him. The best part of practice was going deep. That's what I like to do-I like to go deep and catch 40-yard passes, 30-yard passes, stuff like that, so that's like the highlight for me.

LB: What's the look you would give Stanfurd?

BT: I smile at Stanfurd.

LB: Why?!

BT: Because we're gonna get that win this year, so I'll be happy.

LB: How do you like your coach? It's your first day with him.

BT: I love my coaches, all of them. [Outside Receivers] Coach [Rob] Likens, [Head] Coach [Sonny] Dykes, the Inside Receivers Coach [Mark Tommerdahl]. Everyone on the staff I really have a good relationship with and I like a lot.

LB: Can you give me your best mean mug?

BT: That's like my sexy/mean mug.

LB: No! Come on! That was not mean.


LB: It's getting a little closer...


LB: You can't smile!

BT: Sorta...


LB: Ah! That was pretty mean!

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