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Jared Goff, Austin Hinder, Bryce Treggs: Who is the McLovin of Cal Football?

Cal football players try to figure out their movie character associations.

Austin Hinder, Jared Goff, and Bryce Treggs
Austin Hinder, Jared Goff, and Bryce Treggs
Lindsay Brauner

In case you missed it the first time...

Jared Goff, Austin Hinder, Bryce Treggs: Who is the McLovin of Cal Football? (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to Berkelium97 & TheScientist109 for transcribing. Group effort!

Bryce Treggs (BT): This is my man, McLovin right here.

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Oh my gosh, McLovin?

BT: McLovin from Superbad?

LB: Wait, which one?

* Jared Goff shakes head furiously *

BT: You don't rememeber McLovin?

LB: *to Ausin Hinder* I think he looks like McLovin.

Austin Hinder (AH): WHAT?

LB: He looks more like McLovin. Jared doesn't look like McLovin. Bryce, you don't look like anyone from that movie.

BT: Cuz I'm myself. I'm just Trigga-myself.

LB: Jared, do you think you look like McLovin?

Jared Goff (JG): * laughing * No!

BT: He sounds like McLovin.

LB: Austin, are you a McLovin-type?

AH: No. No, I am not the McLovin-type.

LB: Well, if you guys were characters-can you all scoot in a little bit? Like, just really cuddle up there.

*Hinder rests his head on Goff's shoulder*

LB: Awww... Is that what you guys do? Do you like to watch movies together? Is that where Superbad was coming from? Because you like to watch movies together.

BT: No....

* Goff nods enthusiastically *

*Hinder gives a surprised look *

LB: Aw, that's adorable!

(Ed: Most controversial statement ever!)

LB:If you guys were movie characters, which ones would you be?

BT: I would be the zebra in Madagascar.

JG: Hinder's the guy from Twilight.

LB: Oh, a little bit!

AH: The vampire?! * shrugs * I guess I'll take that.

BT: And then we got McLovin.

LB: He's not McLovin! I'm just not seeing it. So, we have Edward, I'm still not really sold on McLovin..

JG: Yeah, neither am I, but everyone else seems to be

LB: Maybe a little bit when you talk? Maybe a little bit of McLovin vocal intonation.

AH: Y'know, just because you look like McLovin doesn't mean you have to act like him. There's a big difference.

JG: I don't look like McLovin. I don't talk like McLovin. I don't act like McLovin. I am not McLovin.

BT: He is not embracing his character. You have to embrace your character.

AH: I embrace the vampire.

BT: Thank you.

LB: Well, think of a better one, Jared.

JG: You guys give me one because I can't think of one myself.

BT: McLovin? McLovin? McLovin. That's McLovin.

JG: Okay.

LB: He's resigned to McLovin.