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Golden Bears In The Twitterverse: Aaron Rodgers Breaks Down Juwan Howard

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Sonny Dykes conducted his summer camp with numerous recruits, and he seemed pretty pleased with the results.

How are the Cal wideouts doing in the weight room? Receivers coach Rob Likens has us covered.

Avery Sebastian and Stefan McClure seem to be doing pretty well themselves.

Cedric Dozier is working hard indeed.

Zach Yenser was recruiting and evaluating this weekend during Cal's weekend camp.

Pierre Ingram has a potential prospect. Not sure if her measurables are ideal for the grind though.

Chris Harper was on the job too.

About this time a year ago, Jared Goff was an Elite 11 quarterback!

Darren Ervin wants a pony. Or pretty much the equivalent of a pony in Berkeley.

New football operations director Rajeeb Hossain has a food recommendation.

Jeffrey Coprich has a suit that I really, really want.

Austin Clark might have a situation.

Brennan Scarlett has words of advice.

Justin Cobbs is spending a few days at the Deron Williams Skills Academy, which invites the top ten college point guards from around the country to participate.

Allen Crabbe is getting ready to be drafted, but that doesn't mean he forgot his past.

Cameron Jordan has thoughts that don't involve avoiding playing Quidditch.

Desean Jackson has a documentary you should try and find if you can.

Justin Forsett knows Monday is a work day.

Trevor Guyton the prophet? Will anyone pay up?

There are few things better on Twitter than seeing Aaron Rodgers dish out his running commentary on the NBA, and more importantly, Juwan Howard.

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