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Cal Football: Zach Maynard In Germany, Isi Sofele In The CFL

Zach Maynard has started playing for a German football league team in Hamburg, and has started out by performing quite well.

Ezra Shaw

For those wondering if Zach Maynard is done playing football, think again. Maynard has made his way over to Europe onto a German Football League roster.

Maynard is seen on the Facebook page of the Blue Devils in a recent photo, and he apparently was their starting quarterback in a performance this weekend. A comment indicates his stats in that game: "29 of 54 passes, 334 passing yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT". The man threw 54 passes in one game???

Also, another comment: "Was a class show of the #11!" I'm sure this was an exact translation. Although it's not likely he'll be seeing the NFL anytime soon, perhaps Zach has carved a niche out for himself over in Europe.

Isi Sofele probably has a better shot at making it to the league, but right now he'll have to settle for the next big thing. Sofele is now up in British Columbia on a CFL practice roster.

Sofele is just so tough and so physical (and more importantly, durable) that I can imagine seeing him climb onto the active roster for British Columbia if one of the runners ahead of him gets injured. It's nice to see two prominent Golden Bears find a place to play football in this wide world.