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Cal Football Interview: Stefan McClure After Spring Practice No. 1

How is the Cal cornerback recovering from his devastating injury in 2011?

Stefan McClure lines up as a freshman
Stefan McClure lines up as a freshman
Cal Bears Online

Lindsay Brauner: Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Stefan McClure after the first day of spring practice. Stef, thanks for joining us.

Stefan McClure: Thanks for having me.

LB: Did you have a good time out there?

SM: Yes, it was pretty fun. Got out there, got to compete a little bit with the guys and now it's just an uphill battle from here. Just start working and breaking down film.

LB: I know we talked a couple days ago about how hard it is sometimes to be able to trust your knee again coming off of an injury. How did you feel out there tonight. Were you pretty confident in your knee?

SM: Yep, I was pretty confident. Once we put the ball down and start playing I really forget about it and just get out there and start reacting and just running and not thinking about it. That's the biggest thing. You just don't think about it, knowing that I've done all the work to get it all better and just trust it.

LB: How did you like your coaches? Were they pretty effective for you guys on the field? Did you feel confident in all the plays they were running? Did you like everything?

SM: Oh yeah, everything we were running they got our back. We got their back. They're gonna put up a play for us to run. And we've just gotta go out there and execute it. Every call's a good call. And today we were just out there flying around and they were just letting us play. They had tons of energy and they were just letting us play and then we'll watch film and get better.

It feels great to get back out there with the guys and as a team and just work together and get out there and get some stuff on film. Competing with the other guys 1-on-1, 7-on-7, and now we got some stuff on film. We can build from and get better every day, start this journey.

We just got a lot of work to do. Everyone's a little rusty. Everyone's not at the level we need to be to win a Rose Bowl. So we got some work to do.

LB: Thanks so much for joining us Stef.

SM: Thanks for having me, thank you.