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Golden Nuggets: Pac-12 Receives $185 Million from Fox/ESPN, Amount Grows to $321 Million by 2024

Details of the Pac-12's $3 billion agreement with Fox/ESPN have been released. The networks paid the conference $185 million in 2013 and this number will grow to $321 million over the next ten years.

$3 billion contract?  Let's buy another Memorial Stadium!
$3 billion contract? Let's buy another Memorial Stadium!
Ezra Shaw

ESPN and Fox are giving boatloads of money to the Pac-12, and the amount will almost double over the next decade. Wilner got his hands on a confidential email from Larry Scott.

The source of the data you’re about to read is a confidential email from commissioner Larry Scott to the league’s presidents and chancellors.

It’s dated May 1, 2011, a few days before the conference announced the $3 billion, 12-year deal with Fox and ESPN.

2013: $185,000,000 million

2014: $194,250,000 million

2015: $204,540,000 million

2016: $215,060,000 million

2017: $226,140,000 million

2018: $237,780,000 million

2019: $250,020,000 million

2020: $262,900,000 million

2021: $276,420,000 million

2022: $290,660,000 million

2023: $305,620,000 million

2024: $321,340,000 million

The ESPN/Fox paychecks get pooled with other revenue (BCS, March Madness, etc) … and the conference retains a portion for expenses … and then it gets distributed.

But five years from now, for example, we can assume that each school will receive $30 million (give or take) from the combination of the ESPN/Fox windfall, the football playoff/bowl money and the March Madness payouts.

Do you think those payouts arrive via those comically oversized checks?


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