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Golden Nuggets: Coach Dykes Will Require All Incoming Players to Live in the Dorms for Two Years

To improve academic performance and build community among his players, Coach Dykes will require all incoming players to live in the dorms for two years.


Sonny Dykes continues to make big changes for the football program. His most recent change is the requirement that all incoming students spend two years in the dorms.

The obvious motive behind this is to address the team’s slumping academics by putting the players in a more controlled environment. The program ranks last in the Pac-12 in graduation rate and also brings up the rear in the NCAA’s recently released Academic Progress Report scores.

But Dykes sees the change going beyond academic performance. He wants to foster a tighter community for the team — a goal he has consistently reiterated since becoming the coach of the team in December.

“The big thing is that we become closer as a team,” Dykes said. “That’s a culture that’s established by the coaching staff. We have to have a relationship that’s not just centered around football.”

Not everyone is thrilled with the change, however.

“To bad we have to live in the dorms for two years now,” tweeted Ray Hudson, an incoming recruit, on June 5.

Bryce Treggs, a sophomore wide receiver for Cal who is not required to stay in the dorms for a second year, expressed sympathy for the recruits that are bound by the new rule.

“That’s not fair to the people who take care of their academics,” he tweeted.

There are worse places to live for two years...