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Cal Football Recruiting Commit: Vic Enwere, Fort Bend Austin RB

The Bears get a second commitment at a position of need. Who is Vic Enwere?

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Even with the addition of Tre Watson last month, running back depth in the California backfield remains a bit thin, and many expected the staff to recruit a second for that reason. It appears they've got their man with Vic Enwere, who selected the Bears on Twitter earlier this afternoon. The Bears beat out finalists Michigan State, Missouri, Virginia, Utah, and Wisconsin, and Enwere becomes the 6th member of the 2014 class - the 4th on offense.

Welcome, Vic! Go Bears!

The Rankings:

247Sports: 3 star [85], 66th ranked RB

Rivals: 3 star, 53rd ranked RB

ESPN: 3 star [78], 54th ranked RB

Scout: 3 star, 77th ranked RB

The Tape:

With the APR situation being what it is, the first thing many Cal fans will want to know about a recruit is his GPA. Enwere lists himself as a 3.5 GPA student, so let's go ahead and move on from there.

As an actual player, the first thing that pops out about Enwere is probably his balance. [That second link is just a great individual effort to not quit on the play. I suggest you click that one.] He keeps his feet well while moving, runs with good force, rarely being tripped up. Many an arm tackle is shed during the 8 minute highlight film - perhaps to be expected from a guy who squats 515 and benches 300.

Enwere's 40 time varies between 4.45 and 4.61, depending on where you look, and though it's probably near the higher end of that range, he's mostly fast enough on tape, at times even erasing pursuit angles from guys who should be able to run him down. Still, speed likely won't be his calling card at the next level. Think C.J Anderson, if you want a comparison to recent Cal Bears. And hey, like Anderson, Enwere can catch a little, too. Enwere also looks tenacious and hard to bring down in short yardage.

As far as how he compares to fellow commit Tre Watson - Watson looks to be much better at cutting and in his ability to find holes, as well as working in space, but the 210 pound Enwere seems like he'll make a nice complement, adding a nice blend of size and power.

What do you think of Vic Enwere? Will the Bears still try to recruit a third RB, even after receiving commitments from these two? Your turn to sound off.