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Cal Men's Basketball 2012-13 Video Highlights

Relive the memories of a memorable Golden Bear campaign.

Allen Crabbe lighting up Tucson.

Justin Cobbs pulling Cal out of madness in Oregon.

Richard Solomon and David Kravish coming into their own in the final month of the season.

Robert Thurman somehow not becoming a monument to the three second violation.

A first round upset in San Jose, avenging heartbreak at the buzzer to UNLV.

Bak Bak appearing in games and doing things.

Cal basketball had another outstanding campaign in 2012-13, finishing in a tie for second and coming very close to another Pac-12 title. Obviously there were bumps along the road (Stanfurd, Wisconsin, Creighton, Harvard), but all in all it was a thoroughly satisfactory season. There were exciting finishes, another (and somewhat improbable) Oregon sweep, a demolition of UCLA, overcoming the Shove, and plenty of other things worth looking at.

So here's to you Cal men's basketball. Here's to taking the next step in 2013-14!

What was your favorite moment of the 2012-13 season?