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NCAA 14: Where Punting Is Winning

Topping the list of top ten Cal players is...Cole Leininger?

Cal Bears Online



NCAA ratings are always a hot topic in sports games, and with NCAA Football entering its one billionth incarnation later this summer, the ratings game shows little sign of slowing down. Earlier today, EA released a short video of the top ten players for every program - the above screengrab comes from the Cal portion of the video. This comes on the heels of the overall team ratings, which came out earlier this week, and are listed toward the bottom of this post.

From top to bottom, the top ten Cal players in NCAA 14 are:
1) Cole Leininger
2) Deandre Coleman
3) Bryce Treggs
4) Chris Harper
5) Nick Forbes
6) Chris McCain
7) Zach Kline
8) Maurice Harris
9) Brendan Bigelow
10) Jordan Rigsbee

From left to right are their respective scores in: Overall, Speed, Strength, Agility, Acceleration, Awareness, and Break Tackle. These are among many, many other rated [but unshown] attributes, of course.

As a team, Cal is rated 86 on offense, 83 on defense, and 84 overall - good for 8th in the Pac-12. Shout out to CougCenter for compiling the data.

Team Overall Offense Defense
Oregon 95 99 92
USC 91 95 90
Stanford 91 91 93
Washington 91 91 90
UCLA 88 88 87
Arizona 86 86 88
Utah 86 84 87
Cal 84 86 83
Arizona State 84 86 83
Oregon State 84 86 83
Washington State 81 83 80
Colorado 79 81 78

What are your thoughts? Is Cal appropriately ranked? Underrated? Overrated? Did any player get the shaft? And more importantly, are you picking up NCAA 14?