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Cal Football Reps at Pac-12 Media Day: Bryce Treggs & Nick Forbes

What questions do you have for our #1 guys at Pac-12 Media Day?

Bryce Treggs at Cal Spring Practice
Bryce Treggs at Cal Spring Practice
Cal Bears Online

Sonny Dykes is doing his best to clean up the image of the Cal football program. The campaign will start in full earnest at Pac-12 Media Day at the end of July, where he'll be representing the Golden Bears.

If Bryce has interviews half as good as the ones our student correspondent Lindsay Brauner put together, we should be in good shape (click here for Part I transcript, here for Part II transcript).

Bryce Treggs talks about his dad, the Heem Team, and more (via Lindsay Brauner)

Treggs will be joined by a fellow numero uno, this one from the defensive side of the football field.

CGB should be assured of having representation in Los Angeles. Berkelium97 has been attending Pac-12 Media Day for a few years now, and now we have plenty of time to prepare good questions for him to ask at the conference or at lunch.

What questions do you have for Bryce, Nick and Sonny at Pac-12 Media Day?