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Cal Football Interview: Brendan Bigelow, Bear Raid Secret Weapon?

Is this the year Brendan Bigelow gets unleashed on the Pac-12?

Brendan Bigelow interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Brendan Bigelow interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Lisa Rosen, CalTV

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Wow, Brendan, it's just so windy today; the wind is really picking up my hair! Is it picking up yours?

Brendan Bigelow (BB): I can feel it. Yes.

LB: Oh! Hey Cal fans! It's Lindsay Brauner, here with Brendan Bigelow. Thanks for joining us, Brendan.

BB: Yeah, no problem.

LB: Brendan, what was your relationship like with Coach Gould and have you met your new position coach (running backs coach Pierre Ingram) yet?

BB: Yeah, I met him; he's pretty good. My relationship with Coach G was pretty strong. We had a really close bond and he taught me a lot, not just on the field, but off the field. He really made me better.

LB: Have you seen Sonny Dykes's playbook yet and is there anything that you're particularly excited for?

BB: Yeah, I've seen the playbook and I'm excited for Stretch.

LB: How has it been to recover from two ACL tears in a year?

BB: It was a journey. It was hard. I had to go through ups and downs like with the soreness, the pain, and stuff like that. It was pretty hard, but it's good now.

LB: What's the biggest difference between being a running back at the college level as opposed to the high school level?

BB: More focus on the details. Just with the D1 athletes, it's faster. It's not as slow as it was in high school.

LB: How has Cal helped you heal? What have you been doing to heal from that injury?

BB: Well, it just helps to stay positive and go in there and get treatment. Just being around my teammates kind of helped me keep going and push through.

LB: What's your favorite on-field memory so far at Cal?

BB: Ohio State.

LB: Can you tell us what it was like to have the biggest day of your career on a nationally televised game at one of the most famous venues in college football?

BB: Exciting. Just what more can you say?

LB: What's your favorite class that you've taken at Cal?

BB: African-American class, 4B. It's pretty cool.

LB: What's your major?

BB: African-American studies.

LB: Brendan, who's the funniest guy on the team?

BB: People say it's me, but I would have to say... Okay, I'm gonna have to say myself because I think I am the funniest on the team!

LB: Are you the fastest guy on the team, Brendan?

BB: Yes, I am.

LB: Who's the second fastest?

BB: [Defensive back] Joel Willis.

LB: Bryce Treggs just told me he's second fastest

BB: * smirks * Look at my face. He's not the fastest.

LB: He told me second fastest.

BB: Nope.

LB: Who was your favorite running back growing up and who's your favorite Cal running back?

BB: Jahvid Best.

LB: Who do you have a poster of on your wall?

BB: This is kind of weird, but I have posters of basketball players instead of football players.

LB: That is so weird.

BB: I'm a big fan of Jordan, so I have posters of him.

LB: Why are you wearing red socks?

BB: They're comfortable.

LB: Brendan, thank you so much for joining us.

BB: Thanks for having me.

LB: Brendan, what's your favorite food to eat?

BB: Chicken.

Off-field visionary: Chickens should just be walking all over the field.

BB: Man, I'd be trying to eat every last one!