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Cal Golf 2013 NCAA Championship Match-Play Semifinal Open Thread

The 2013 Cal Golf has managed to match themselves from an year ago. Can the No.1 ranked/seed Golden Bears exceed last year's result by making it to the finals? HOLE ON YOU BEARS!

Cal Men's Golf Twitter

When: 7:00 a.m. PT

Online Stream: Through NCAA Schedule Page (but does not start until 10:00 AM PT)

Live Stats: Results (updated)

Cal Golf triumphed over Arizona State by the narrowest margin (down to the last hole of the last match but fortunately Brandon Hagy was up to the task).

Despite their record breaking play in stroke play, match play is apparently a great equalizer. Can the Bears survive the challenge from Illinois today and eventually break the streak that No.1 seed has never won the Match-Play and the NCAA Championship?

Check out Reef's Preview and Recap of Day 1's action.

And here is his explanation for Match PlayMatch play is hole by hole. If I'm playing you in match play, you make 3 on the first hole and I make 4, you are 1 up. If you make 3 on the second hole and I make 7, you are 2 up. In other words, the score only matters insofar as the hole is decided for one or the other player, and so the total strokes are not tallied. If we both make 4 on the third hole, then you will remain 2 up. Etc.

After 18 holes, if the Cal player has won more holes Cal as a team gets 1 pt, regardless of the margin. Win by 7 holes, win by 1 hole, it's still 1 pt for the team. If they are tied after 18 holes, then each team gets 1/2 point. Add up the totals from all five matches, and that's your team result.

Each team sets a lineup 1-5, and they go out and play each other in that order.

Should the Bears advance to Sunday, they would take on the winner of "host" Georgia Tech and No.2 (3rd seed) Alabama (who ended the Bears' season last year in the semifinals).

10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT (Semifinal 1) - No. 1 Cal vs. No. 5 Illinois
10:45 a.m. ET/7:15 a.m. PT (Semifinal 2) - No. 2 Georgia Tech vs. No. 3 Alabama

No. 1 Cal vs. No. 5 Illinois
Tee Time - Players (Cal Career/2012-13 Season Match-Play Record)
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT - Michael Weaver (0-1, 0-1) vs. Thomas Detry
10:09 a.m. ET/7:09 a.m. PT - Joël Stalter (4-3, 1-0) vs. Charlie Danielson
10:18 a.m. ET/7:18 a.m. PT - Max Homa (7-3, 1-0) vs. Thomas Pieters
10:27 a.m. ET/7:27 a.m. PT ->Michael Kim (2.5-4.5, 0-1) vs. Brian Campbell
10:36 a.m. ET/7:36 a.m. PT - Brandon Hagy (7-3, 1-0) vs. Alex Burge