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Golden Nuggets: Cal Football's Post-Spring Lingering Questions

QB questions, injury epidemics, and one of the toughest schedules in college football--we have plenty to keep us up at night.

At least he didn't mention our soaring shotgun snaps...
At least he didn't mention our soaring shotgun snaps...

We Cal fans are generally an angsty bunch. 50+ years without a Rose Bowl will do that to you, I suppose. We have plenty of reason to fret this offseason. In case you're feeling a little too optimistic after spring ball, Uncle Ted has you covered with three lingering questions for the team.

1. Who's the QB? Dykes provided no pecking order between redshirt freshman Zach Kline, freshman Jared Goff and junior Austin Hinder on the post-spring depth chart. While Kline is generally viewed as the favorite among the hoi polloi, Dykes seemed to step back from his statement late in spring practices that Kline had "made a move" during the Pac-12 coaches teleconference this week.

2. Healthy? A lot of key players missed all or a lot of spring practices, including the top two running backs, Brendan Bigelow and Daniel Lasco, and tight end Richard Rodgers and OT Bill Tyndall, who broke his ankle during spring practices. While the word is all are expected to be ready to go in August, that is always written in pencil.

3. Brutal welcome to Berkeley for Dykes: Cal may play the toughest schedule in the nation. It includes eight teams with legitimate top-25 aspirations and three teams that are likely to be in the preseason top 5: Stanford, Oregon and Ohio State. It could be a slog, and the challenge for Dykes will be keeping his team focused and positive.

Anyone need a hug?