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Cal Football defenders Kam Jackson & Brennan Scarlett: Teammates, roommates, and BFFs!

Lindsay Brauner learns all about the exciting life of college football stars with BFFs Kameron Jackson and Brennan Scarlett.

Kameron Jackson and Brennan Scarlett- roommates, teammates, hanging out on some bikes! (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): So, we're just hanging out on the field with Brennan and Kameron. I wanted to ask them about what it's like to be roommatesthey live together. How did you guys become roommates?

Kameron Jackson (KJ): Summer Bridge.

Brennan Scarlett (BS): Yup. We first met in summer. Then became good friends over summer. We lived at Clark Kerr together, then we eventually moved into a house with Todd Barr and Jason Gibson.

LB: How does it feel to be on the field with someone who you're really close friends with? Does it make a big difference to play together?

KJ: It feels good because in freshman year, we had some long walks to the Kerr because we weren't playing too much. Last year, we got a lot of playing time.

BS: Yeah, it was good to talk about the game when we get home and all that stuff and on the field we get pumped up.

LB: Which of you guys is faster on the exercise bike? Right now, it doesn't look like either of you.

KJ: I am.

BS: He may be fast on the exercise bike, but I'm faster on field.

KJ: Naaaah—you're crazy! I'm faster.

BS: This race has been close to happening for, like, the past two years. He keeps running from me, so we'll never know.

LB: Well, maybe that's because he's too fast for you if he's running from you. Do you guys want to do it right now?

KJ: I got jeans on.

LB: Excuses. Who's good at doing dishes? Who does the dishes between the two of you?

KJ: Him, Todd, or Jason. I do it sometimes.

BS: Nah. He never does the dishes! Ever.

LB: What about laundry? Who's doing laundry?

KJ: We do our own laundry.

BS: This year we do our own laundry. Last year we had some friends do our laundry because we travelled a lot in the fall.

LB:You had your friends do your laundry?

[in unison]: Yeah...

KJ: Those times at the dorms... hard times.

LB: Don't you guys get your laundry done at the stadium though?

BS: I mean, like, our workout clothes.

KJ: They aren't going to wash everything.

Mysterious off-screen interviewer (MOSI): What do you guys cook?

KJ: Recently, Brennan cooked some nachos. They were on point!

BS: I made some nachos for the SuperBowl. Back at home I always used to make some food, so I tried to get the home-cooked food and have some friends over.

MOSI: Were you guys just telling us your favorite movie is Legally Blonde?


BS: I think that was yours.

MOSI: Oh, that wasn't you guys, just like five seconds ago, bending and snapping?

LB: Brennan's really going to cite the bend and snap and pretend not to know what it is. Yeah. Right. Favorite movie is Legally Blondethese two. They can't get enough of it. They bought it on VHS.

KJ: True...

LB: Let's go! Faster! Whoais this supposed to be pumping air?

BS: Yeah, it's like a fan.

LB: Oh... I can keep up with you.

Check back later this week to hear more from Kameron Jackson!