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Cal Football: Kameron Jackson Readies To Lock Down At Cornerback

Kameron Jackson opens up about his breakout 2012 performance and looks forward to the changes in store for 2013 Cal football.

Kameron Jackson interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Kameron Jackson interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Lisa Rosen, CalTV

Kameron Jackson Chats with Me! (via Lindsay Brauner)

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey Bears fans, it's Lindsay Brauner for Cal TV here with Kam Jackson. Kam, thanks for joining us.

Kameron Jackson (KJ): Hello, what's up?

LB: We're gonna talk about some of your breakout performances last year. Against UCLA, you had a pretty incredible game. Can you talk about what happened that game that made it so successful for you?

KJ: First, I wasn't even in the gameplanthat's the crazy part! Then, Marc Anthony got hurt [in the] first series and then, the next thing you know, Coach threw me in there. He had faith in me and I guess the other team, the opposing team, which was UCLA, kept trying to attack me, but every time they threw it, I got an interception. I had three at the end of the game.

LB: I think those three interceptions were the highlight of the season for a lot of Cal fans. Can you talk about what was happening there and why you were getting your hands on the ball so much?

KJ: Well, I really have something against UCLA because I was from Long Beach and I kinda wanted to go there, but I wanted to get out a little bit while still staying in Cali, so I went to Cal. But I still wanted to beat UCLA because I have a couple friends on the team, so it was cool just to talk some smack to them when I got home over the break. It was cool.

LB: Speaking of Long Beach Poly, it's the same school as DeSean Jackson and you supposedly chose Cal because of DeSean. How much of an influence is he and how often do you talk to him to this day?

KJ: Well, I talked to him when I made my decision because we came from the same background and I wanted to know how he felt up here and how he liked it. He enjoyed it, he said "it was going to be a good time and worth your while and just go out and ball out," so that's what I'm gonna continue to do, you feel me?

LB: What's the Pac-12 team that you want to beat the most?

KJ: SC. Yeah, I wanna beat SC.

LB: You wore number 9 your freshman year and this year, you switched to number 3. How come you switched and what does that switch mean to you, if anything?

KJ: It doesn't really mean a lot; I just felt I didn't look good in number 9, so I wanted number 3 and just went with the flow.

LB: How much will Cal miss cornerbacks like Steve Williams and Marc Anthony? How prepared are you and some of the other guys to step into those starting positions coming this spring?

KJ: We've got some big shoes to fill, so we're gonna just step up. I know Cedric Dozier, Stef [McClure], Avery [Sebastian], Mike Lowe, we're gonna come ready and then the recruits we got, I know they're gonna come ready to roll in the fall and get it going.

LB: What are your thoughts on the new High Performance Center?

KJ: It's awesome. We got everything we need from the cold tubs, the hot tubs, and the training room is so big you can get help anywhere. It's gonna help you out.

LB: What's your favorite on-field memory so far?

KJ: Of course the three picks is gonna be one of the best memories of my life! I'm trying to repeat it though, to be honest.

LB: I'm sure you will! How do you like your new position coach?

KJ: Coach [Randy] Stewart? He's cool. Kinda old, but I know he's wise. I know he knows his stuff, so I'm gonna roll with him. We're gonna run and get this money.

LB: What's your favorite class at Cal?

KJ: Favorite class? I took this music class in the summer. It talked a lot about different hip-hop growing up, like in the 80s, 90s, and now and how much it changed. It was cool.

LB: What's your major?

KJ: Sociology. Well, I'm about to declare for sociology.

LB: How do you like Coach [Sonny] Dykes?

KJ: He's cool. We haven't really talked or sat down that much because I know he's up on the run and recruiting and all that, but we'll all get to know him in the spring and in the fall.

LB: Do you have any hidden talents?

KJ: [NBA] 2K13. I'm the best on that.

LB: The best? Do you beat Brennan [Scarlett] consistently?

KJ: All the time! We go at it all the time.

* off-screen interruption *

LB: Brennan?

Brennan Scarlett (BS): He gets me sometimes.

LB: Kameron, thank you so much for joining us.

KJ: No problem, thanks for having me.

LB: I'm Lindsay Brauner for Cal TV.


LB: Oscar season's coming up; what was your favorite movie last year?

KJ: Oooh, that's a good question.

LB: So many to choose from?

KJ: I'm trying to think of movies, but I forgot what movies I've seen! I've seen a lot!

LB: Legally Blonde?

KJ: Uh... that's one of them.

LB: Thought so.