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Predicting the 2013 Cal Football Season: Spring Edition

It's time for our semi-annual season predictions. Will the Bears earn bowl eligibility in their first year under Sonny Dykes? Will we FINALLY beat USC? All will be revealed when we post the results in a few weeks!

May is upon us, which means that our spring practice is ancient history and our Pac-12 brethren have wrapped up their spring practices. Now that we know more about ourselves and our enemies, it's time for us to look into the crystal ball and forecast the Bears' 2013 season. It's a doozy of a schedule, especially for a first-year coach. Undaunted by these obstacles in our way, we shall continue our semi-annual tradition of amassing some predictions.

In case this is your first rodeo, let me remind you of the procedures. Instead of being interested in whether Cal wins or loses, we're interested in the chance that the Bears will win. If you believe the Bears have a 99.9% chance of beating Portland State, enter ".999" on the form. If you think Cal has 50% chance at beating Northwestern, enter ".5" in the appropriate box. And so forth. Please keep your submissions between 0.00 and 1.00 or else our mystical number-crunching machine will seize up and I'll have to kick it several times and yell unkind things at it which I'll eventually regret and it's just a giant ordeal.

You can add up your percentages to get the expected number of wins. We welcome you to post them in the comments and commiserate with your fellow fans as we fret about how we're going to squeeze into bowl eligibility. You have until Sunday May 26th to submit your predictions. We will post the results shortly thereafter.

Thanks for your participation!

The form is embedded below (scroll down to move towards the end of the form). In case you're having trouble reading it, you may use this direct link to access the form.