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Cal Golf Match Play vs. Arizona State Open Thread

Top seed Cal Bears take on the 8th seed Arizona State today in the Quarterfinals Match Play of the 2013 NCAA Championship. HOLE ON YOU BEARS!

When: 7:00 a.m. PT

Online Stream: Through NCAA Schedule Page (but does not start until 10:15 AM PT), DIRECT LINK

Live Stats: HERE

Your ARNOLD PALMER AWARD PRESENTED BY CALLAWAY (NATIONAL INDIVIDUAL MEDALIST) Winner Max Homa (see below) and the rest of the highly decorated Bears take on the Sun Devils of Arizona State today in the quarterfinals round of the NCAA Championships.

Match-Play means 5 Cal Golfers will face 5 ASU Golfers for 18 holes (with halves). The margin of victory does not matter but more Cal Golfers need to beat ASU Golfers for the Bears to advance. Here is valued reader/contributor Reef's explanations from yesterday's open thread:

Match play is hole by hole. If I’m playing you in match play, you make 3 on the first hole and I make 4, you are 1 up. If you make 3 on the second hole and I make 7, you are 2 up. In other words, the score only matters insofar as the hole is decided for one or the other player, and so the total strokes are not tallied. If we both make 4 on the third hole, then you will remain 2 up. Etc.

After 18 holes, if the Cal player has won more holes Cal as a team gets 1 pt, regardless of the margin. Win by 7 holes, win by 1 hole, it’s still 1 pt for the team. If they are tied after 18 holes, then each team gets 1/2 point. Add up the totals from all five matches, and that’s your team result.

Each team sets a lineup 1-5, and they go out and play each other in that order.

The individual match-ups for today:

No. 1 Cal vs. No. 8 Arizona State Lineups - NCAA Championship Quarterfinal Match (May 31, 2013)
Capital City Club, Crabapple Course - Milton, Ga.

Tee Time - Player (Record)
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT - Michael Weaver, Cal (0-0) vs. Austin Quick, Arizona State
10:09 a.m. ET/7:09 a.m. PT - Joël Stalter, Cal (3-3) vs. Max Rottluff, Arizona State
10:18 a.m. ET/7:18 a.m. PT - Max Homa, Cal (6-3) vs. Trey Ka'ahanui, Arizona State
10:27 a.m. ET/7:27 a.m. PT - Michael Kim, Cal (2.5-3.5) vs. Spencer Lawson, Arizona State
10:36 a.m. ET/7:36 a.m. PT - Brandon Hagy, Cal (6-3) vs. Jon Rahm, Arizona State

Bears made it to the semifinals last year before falling to Alabama. 4 of the 5 Cal Golfers participated in the matcup-play last year (the guys with records next to their name).

After the end of stroke play yesterday, here at the Top 8 seeds and the schedule for Match Play:

Quarterfinal Matches - Friday, May 31, 2013
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT - Match 1 - (1) Cal vs. (8) Arizona State
10:45 a.m. ET/7:45 a.m. PT - Match 2 - (4) Texas vs. (5) Illinois
11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT - Match 3 - (2) Georgia Tech vs. (7) UNLV
12:15 p.m. ET/9:15 a.m. PT - Match 4 - (3) Alabama vs. (6) New Mexico

Semifinal Matches - Saturday, June 1, 2013
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT - Semifinal 1 - Match 1 & 2 winners
10:45 a.m. ET/7:45 a.m. PT - Semifinal 2 - Match 3 & 4 winners

Championship Match - Sunday, June 3, 2012
10:00 a.m. ET/7:00 a.m. PT - Semifinal 1 & 2 winners

And they are underway (although the live update doesn't have anything yet)