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Golden Nuggets: Latest Pac-12 TV Assignments Give the Network Little Leverage in Negotiations

The first three weeks of the season feature 13 games picked up so far by the Pac-12 Network; only one does not involve an FCS team. Will this hurt the network's ability to lure new partners such as DirecTV?

"There is this much interest in games broadcast by the Pac-12 Network"
"There is this much interest in games broadcast by the Pac-12 Network"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Networks picked up another round of games earlier this week and the Pac-12 Network scavenged on the scraps left behind by ESPN and Fox. With an underwhelming broadcast schedule for the first three weeks of the season, has the Pac-12 Network hurt its ability to negotiate deals with new carriers?

The Pac-12 just released the TV assignments and kickoff times for early-season games on ESPN, Fox and the Pac12Nets … plus the full broadcast schedule for Thursday/Friday games … and a handful of non-conference tangles that are owned by other leagues.

*** The Pac-12 Networks broadcast lineup is, well, ho-hum:

Of the 13 non-conference games scheduled to air the weekends of Aug. 31, Sept. 7 and Sept. 14, a grand total of one is against a BCS-level opponent, and that’s Boston College at USC.

Meanwhile, more than half of the Pac12Nets games are against FCS-level teams.

Granted, the league is somewhat at the mercy of the schedules, which were put together by the schools years in advance.

But you can’t sugarcoat a 13-game broadcast lineup that includes Northern Arizona, Eastern Washington, Sac State, Weber State, Portland State, Central Arkansas, Southern Utah and UT-San Antonio.

*** Of the games that have been selected, ESPN and Fox got the choice inventory.


Larry Scott has his work cut out if he wants to lure DirecTV.