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Update on the NCAA's allegations against Oregon

The NCAA submits a letter to Oregon outlining their allegations of wrong-doing. Scandal! Looks like Cal is involved in this beyond just the services of Willie Lyles. Intrigue!

Jonathan Ferrey

Following a public records request, Oregon released a letter they received from the NCAA in December 2012 outlining a set of seven allegations of wrong-doing by the Ducks. Sadly, the RoboDuck is not on the list.

A letter from the NCAA to [University of Oregon president Michael] Gottfredson detailing the administrative process of the investigation is followed by seven specific allegations of wrong-doing by the Ducks under former head coach Chip Kelly. All seven closely resemble - almost to the word - allegations listed in Oregon's failed attempt at a summary disposition resolution as submitted to the NCAA in October of last year.

The NCAA's case against Oregon began with questions about the Ducks' relationship with scouting services, including one run by Willie Lyles. It grew to include improper contact with recruits made by Lyles after he became - in the eyes of the NCAA - a booster for the university, hundreds of impermissible phone calls by football staff and too many staff members engaged in recruiting at any one time.

The notice released today states that "all of the alleged violations set forth in the document attached to this letter are considered to be potential major violations of NCAA legislation."

If you've been following this issue, you know Cal is already (loosely) related to the story because they also used Willie Lyles's services. However, today's news has revealed another Cal tie.

Additionally, the NOA states Oregon could be subject to penalties under the repeat violator rule because alleged recruiting misconduct involving J.J. Arrington in 2004. If Oregon is considered a repeat violator by the NCAA - a major violation would have to occur within five years of another major violation - it would shed light on why the summary disposition failed last year.

It seems that in early January 2003, Oregon assistant Gary Campbell falsified documents with the Cal superstar, Arrington:

Oregon was in a battle with California for Arrington's services at the time of the violations. On the last night a junior college player could sign, Arrington told Oregon assistant Gary Campbell that he would sign a letter of intent.

However, the midnight deadline passed and Arrington still had not signed. Furthermore, Arrington told Campbell that he had changed his mind and wanted to attend California. Campbell went to the hotel where Arrington was staying, and the player forged his father's signature and falsified the time on the letter of intent.

Oregon released Arrington upon discovering the violations. Campbell, who has been an Oregon assistant for 20 years, was suspended for one week without pay and was not allowed to recruit off-campus for one year.

If you'd like to read the NCAA's notice of allegations in all its gory details, you can find the 12-page document here.