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Q&A with Bolts From the Blue on Steve Williams

The 2013 NFL Draft saw Keenan Allen and Steve Williams selected by the San Diego Chargers. We check in with Bolts From the Blue to discuss cornerback Steve Williams.


1. What kind of production or contributions are you expecting from Steve Williams to consider him a worthwhile draft pick?

I expect him to compete for the Nickel Cornerback spot in 2013 and hold it for a few years after getting it.

2. What role do you see Steve Williams having in the defense?

He's a Nickel CB exclusively. I don't think he'll get a chance to play on the outside because of his size, but the Chargers play a lot of Nickel defense and rely on their Nickel CB as much as they do the starters on the outside. He'll be asked to play zone over the middle, cover slot WRs (usually with Safety help), help with run defense and blitz the QB occasionally.

3. What is your defensive backfield situation? Does Steve Williams have the opportunity to immediately compete for playing time?

The Chargers really only have 1 starter, free agent signee Derek Cox. Shareece Wright has been a "project" that hasn't seen much playing time since being drafted in 2010, but he's expected to be the favorite to win the other starting job. He'll most likely be competing with Marcus Gilchrist, who has been the team's Nickel CB and has also been playing some SS in mini camp. As I said, I don't expect Williams to compete outside, but I do expect him to take Gilchrist's spot in 2013.

4. Do the Chargers have any DBs who are as fast as Williams?

Marcus Gilchrist is as fast. The Chargers don't care about speed in CBs as much as they do their instincts and playmaking ability, because the defense plays with a lot of Safety help.

5. What was the initial reaction from Chargers fans about the drafting of Steve Williams?

It made sense. The team is lacking a real #2 CB and a real Strong Safety, so the Williams selection frees up Gilchrist to compete for both positions. It also adds some much-needed depth to the secondary.


Check out what John Gennaro had to say about Keenan Allen over here. Thanks again to John Gennaro and Bolts From the Blue for taking the time to discuss two Golden Bear greats. Best of luck to Steve Williams and the Chargers!