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Cal Football: Bryce Treggs Discusses His Dad, Talks Heem Team, Runs A Race

Here's the conclusion of our interview with Bryce Treggs!

Bryce Treggs interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Bryce Treggs interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Lisa Rosen, CalTV

For transcript and video of Part I (which can also be viewed further down), click here!

Lindsay Brauner: What's it like to watch old tapes of your dad playing here?

Bryce Treggs: It's pretty fun, because I always try to one-up him. So I see something that he does on tape, and then I go out and try to beat it. So it's pretty fun.

LB: Your dad said that if [he] lost to Stanfurd, he would move to Palo Alto. [He] did lose to Stanfurd and he did not move. So, what happened?

BT: He said that he felt real confident that game that they were going to win. And they just didn't pull out the victory. But I don't think I'll make any promises like that to move anywhere. Stanfurd's a good team. But I think we'll still beat them these next few years. But they're a great team. We're going to have to work hard to beat them.

LB: Who's the funniest guy on your team?

BT: The funniest guy, there's a couple. I'm just going to talk about the wide receivers. The funniest wide receiver is Kenny Lawler by far. Next year he'll be a redshirt freshman. He's always joking in the locker room, shooting on people, so he's definitely the funniest.

LB: What's your favorite movie that you've seen this past year? The Oscars are coming up [ed note: Interview conducted earlier this year], so what would you nominate?

BT: I'd have to nominate Django [Unchained]. That was the best movie I've seen in awhile.

LB: Bryce, what does the word 'Heem' mean?

BT: Well, 'Heem', it can mean a lot of different things. It could be an adjective, a noun, or whatever you want it to be. It all started when Darius Powe came here. He kind of brought the word here. So that's how the Heem Team [was] created. We have a lot of memories of the Heem Team, basically all the wide receivers. And Coach Likens, he's the Heem Team captain. So we have a great squad with the Heem Team.

LB: I'm still unclear on its meaning.

BT: Okay, so let's say you score a touchdown, and you make the corner look really bad.

LB: I would do that.

BT: You'd be like, "Dang, you 'Heemed' him. You 'Heemed' him bro. You gave him the 'Heem'." So you could be like, "Dang, you burnt 'Heem'." Like "you burnt him", but you use 'Heem' instead. You get what I'm saying?

LB: I get it. I'm going to start using that all the time.

BT: Yeah, you can use it.

LB: Yeah.

BT: You wanna be on the Heem Team?

LB: Can I be on the Heem Team?

BT: There's actually a girl version called the 'Sheem Team'. Shout out to Cal softball for that one. The Sheem Team.

LB: But I can't be on the Heem Team?

BT: You're a girl, so you have to be on the Sheem Team. You get it, like She …. Heem … Sheem?

LB: Ohh….I get it now. Well hopefully I can join that.


LB: So Bryce, do you like to pick up PNFs anywhere?

BT: [confused]

LB: Potential new followers!

BT: Oh, ok, potential new followers. Yeah. Follow me on Instagram at tr1gga_, and then follow me on Twitter @BryceTreggs. I'll follow back.

LB: Bryce, thanks so much for joining us.

BT: No problem, thanks for having me.


LB: Do you want to race me down the field?

BT: Yeah, sure we can race, let's go.

[Race! Watch the video to find out who wins]

LB: Yeah, if you work hard enough, you'll be able to beat me next time.

BT: Yeah, maybe, maybe. Keep working. Knees up, knees-to-chest.