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Cal Football: Defensive Coordinator Andy Buh Chats About Being In Berkeley

It's time for a new defense in Berkeley, and Andy Buh is the man to lead it.

Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh talks to Lindsay Brauner
Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh talks to Lindsay Brauner
Lindsay Brauner

Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh chats about his new job! (via Lindsay Brauner)

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hi, it's Lindsay Brauner, here with Coach Buh. Thanks so much for joining us.

Andy Buh (AB): You're welcome! It's good to be here.

LB: So what happened to your arm?

AB: I slipped and fell; not highly recommended to anybody. I had a little rotator cuff surgery.

LB: You weren't out here on the field with the guys tackling anyone?

AB: No, that's the story that a lot of guys are saying, but no, that didn't actually happen.

LB: That's what I heard.

AB: Oh yeah? It actually happened back in Wisconsin.

LB: Well, how are you liking Cal so far?

AB: Love it! I was here in the early 2000s and spent a little bit of my coaching career in the Bay and my family and I really enjoy being back.

LB: How do you think the younger guys are adjusting to everything as opposed to the older guys who've had a little more experience out here at the Division One level?

AB: Right now, everyone's new to us. The young guys aren't acting very young right now. They see the depth chart swinging a little bit. They're seeing opportunity. So they're really not acting young right now; they're working just as hard as everyone else and the really neat thing right now is we're seeing guys really act like they're all veteran guys.

LB: What do you like best, so far, about the guys who are here?

AB: The energy, the willingness to learn, and come out energized every day. They're working really hard for us and we're loving what we have right now.

LB: Do you see improvements already happening since you started?

AB: Yes. Every day there's been big jumps and we've been keeping it pretty simple so we can see some fundamental change and we're seeing a lot of that out here right now, so we're pretty excited about that.

LB: How much fluidity would you say there is in the depth chart right now?

AB: There's a ton. We're making it known that there really isn't a one, two, or three right now. We're trying to move the depth chart every day just to let them see themselves moving around if they earn it and there's been a couple of changes already and we're expecting a lot more as we move forward.

LB: Is there anyone who's standing out to you as particularly well prepared?

AB: Each day there's a new guy. Mustafa Jalil had a really good first day. Kameron Jackson had a phenomenal day.

Kameron Jackson Chats with Me! (via Lindsay Brauner)

So every day, two or three guys start to jump out at us and we haven't been looking at that as hard until the pads came on today and you saw Kameron Jackson show up, you saw Wilkerson show up, you saw Forbes show up, you saw Michael Barton show up, so that's what we're looking for-once the pads go on, the guys let loose a little bit. Those kinds of improvements are what we're looking for.

LB: Coach Buh, thanks so much for joining us.

AB: You're welcome-good to be here.