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Damon Harrington Named Cal Football Strength And Conditioning Coach!

A New Coach Joins Coach Dykes Staff


Hot off the e-presses, Damon Harrington is joining Cal to be the Strength coach for football. Let's learn more:

BERKELEY - Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour announced Wednesday that Damon Harrington has joined Cal as the football head strength and conditioning coach. Harrington will work directly with the Cal football program on a day-to-basis and oversee three assistant strength and conditioning coaches in his role. He will report to the department's director of strength and conditioning Mike Blasquez.

"We have restructured our strength and conditioning department to better serve the needs of our entire student-athlete population," Barbour said. "The addition of Damon will add to an already excellent and experienced staff that will take both our entire strength and conditioning program as well as our specific operation for football to new heights."

So, Blasquez will stay at Cal as the director of the strength department, but Damon Harrington will focus on football specifically.

Who wants to guess which southern football program, Harrington came from??? LOUISIANA TECH! Pretty soon, we'll be getting the Louisiana Tech cafeteria workers at Crossroads in Berkeley.

To end this on a nice note, let's see if Cal can match this:

Harrington was instrumental in improving Louisiana Tech's strength and conditioning program, with Bulldog football players breaking 26 strength records (by position) during his final seven years with the school.

What do you think about the Strength Dept reorganization and Coach Harrington??