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NFL Pro Day: The Keenan Allen Story!

Let's Check In To See How Coach Tedford's Last Highly Rated Draft Pick Is Doing


Keenan Allen was supposed to have held his pro work out for scouts by now. However, hampered by a knee injury, he had held off:

Cal hosted NFL scouts and we have some pretty big news out of Berkeley. Reports indicate wide receiver Keenan Allen was unable to perform at the workout. Allen has been dealing with a knee injury since the last few weeks of the 2012 season, and it has not quite gotten right. Allen strained some ligaments in the knee, and then had a setback before the 2013 NFL Combine.

After not working out at the Combine, Allen was hoping to show his skills at the Pro Day. He was not expected to run a 40, but he was expected to run routes. He apparently did some hand-eye coordination drills, but other than that was on the sideline as a spectator. Allen is hoping to show things off in April when he holds an individual pro day, but until he proves the knee is better, his draft stock is taking a hit.

Today, however, Allen did hold his pro day at Proehlific Park, some sort of uber -park in North Carolina. First off the bat is the big news to come out, which was his 40 time:

The Cal wide receiver was clocked by NFL Network's Mike Mayock at 4.71 and 4.75 seconds in the 40-yard dash at Allen's pro day Tuesday, confirming that blazing speed is not a quality he offers.

Pro Day? MORE LIKE SLOW DA- ok, bad pun, but anyway, people knew that DeSean speed wasn't his #1 skill and when you factor in the knee injury, it's more understandable.'s Mike Maycock had this to say:

Three months ago, I said -- if you watch this kid on tape -- if you like him, he's Anquan Boldin. If you don't like him, he's speed deficient. So I don't really care what he runs in the 40. On tape, to me, he's a 4.55 guy all day long."

He also did some drills. A YouTube search revealed these videos:

You can see impressive route running in there and I believe #4 has a one handed grab. Those are more Allen's bailiwick, incredible agility and strong arms.

BTW, according to a CBS report from a few weeks ago, Zach Maynard was the one throwing in that video:

"He's going to do everything," Proehl said. "Forty [yard dash], bench, shuttle and run routes. His brother, Zach, will throw to him."

Zach is Zach Maynard, the former California quarterback who is Allen's half-brother. That should lend itself to a pretty comfortable setting, as will the setup at Proehlific Park.

So, there you go! More information on Keenan Allen's Pro Day! Good luck in the draft, Keenan. GO BEARS!