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The New Unis Are Coming.

When can you expect to see them?


4.10.13 remains the date, but thanks to a media advisory sent out earlier today, we now know when the #UnifyTheBears campaign will be fully unveiled, too - at noon on Wednesday, Cal Athletics will be holding an hour long event, in which representatives from Cal and Nike "will discuss the new look and marks".

As part of the event, student-athletes from several different sports will also be in attendance, modeling the new uniforms.

Rest assured, CGB will be covering the event - and come Wednesday, we'll have pictures uploaded as fast as our 4G connections allow.

Accompanying the announcement is a fourth hype video - this one from Alysia Montano, former track and field star. Unlike the Marshawn Lynch teaser, there's a bit to be gathered from Montano's comments. News of a brand new "mark" might make Cal fans nervous and immediately apprehensive, but she does call the new uniforms "authentically Cal". Interestingly enough, she also hints at a larger use of the mascot, and that the uniforms are intimidating.

Whatever all that means, we'll find out Wednesday. Stay tuned.