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Brittany Boyd Chats At The NCAA Women's Final Four!

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Cal point guard Brittany Boyd got interviewed plenty on Saturday, but she found the time to talk to us!

Avinash Kunnath

Lindsay Brauner: Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Brittany Boyd before her Final Four matchup tomorrow. How's it going Brittany?

Brittany Boyd: It's going pretty good.

LB: Thanks so much for joining me. How tired are you right now? How much media has been talking to you?

BB: It's been a lot of media coming in and out. I'm actually very tire with the time difference. So I'm kinda adjusting pretty well.

LB: How much are you looking forward to getting to play Louisville tomorrow. Who are you most looking forward to matching up with?

BB: I'm looking forward mainly to the team's matchup and how we match up with them. And it's going to be a very exciting game, very physical, very fast. Can't wait.

LB: As the primary ball distributor on the team, who are you going to be looking forward to getting the ball the most on offense?

BB: I'm pretty much going to be looking for whoever I can put in a good situation to make something happen. Everybody's going to be on my radar to pass to-- getting everybody involved, getting everybody a feel of the game. And hopefully people can make stuff happen from there.

LB: Brittany, you're from Berkeley. Did you grow up watching the Cal Bears play? Did you ever dream you would be in this position?

BB: I never dreamed I would be playing for the University of California. But I'm actually happy I'm here. It's a good feeling to be here. I'm happy I stayed home. But I never thought I'd be playing for Cal ever.