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Brittany Boyd Chats At The NCAA Women's Final Four!

Cal point guard Brittany Boyd got interviewed plenty on Saturday, but she found the time to talk to us!

Avinash Kunnath

Lindsay Brauner: Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner with Brittany Boyd before her Final Four matchup tomorrow. How's it going Brittany?

Brittany Boyd: It's going pretty good.

LB: Thanks so much for joining me. How tired are you right now? How much media has been talking to you?

BB: It's been a lot of media coming in and out. I'm actually very tire with the time difference. So I'm kinda adjusting pretty well.

LB: How much are you looking forward to getting to play Louisville tomorrow. Who are you most looking forward to matching up with?

BB: I'm looking forward mainly to the team's matchup and how we match up with them. And it's going to be a very exciting game, very physical, very fast. Can't wait.

LB: As the primary ball distributor on the team, who are you going to be looking forward to getting the ball the most on offense?

BB: I'm pretty much going to be looking for whoever I can put in a good situation to make something happen. Everybody's going to be on my radar to pass to-- getting everybody involved, getting everybody a feel of the game. And hopefully people can make stuff happen from there.

LB: Brittany, you're from Berkeley. Did you grow up watching the Cal Bears play? Did you ever dream you would be in this position?

BB: I never dreamed I would be playing for the University of California. But I'm actually happy I'm here. It's a good feeling to be here. I'm happy I stayed home. But I never thought I'd be playing for Cal ever.