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Carolyn Peck Talks Cal Basketball At The NCAA Women's Final Four

Carolyn Peck of ESPN sits down to discuss the Cal women's basketball team, their head coach, and their journey to New Orleans.

Avinash Kunnath

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Lindsay Gottlieb is the youngest coach here. What do you think is the combination of her personnel and coaching style that's led her to this point?

Carolyn Peck (CP): Well, she jokes all the time that she's a nerd. (She) graduated from Brown. She is a student of the game, and she has, through getting into her coaching career, studied a lot of different coaches. I think she has done a good job of finding what works for her. I think she is as much a good basketball coach as a life coach. She has really challenged her players to be the best people they can be, along with being great basketball players. She's taught them time management, and discipline, and perseverance.

LB: Rebecca (Lobo) and Doris (Burke) in the press conference talked a lot about the guard matchups, and the importance of guard matchups. How do you think Cal's guards are matching up to Louisville's-particularly since Louisville has been such an underdog?

CP: I think that the thing that Cal does so well is their defense, and the pressure. You've got Brittany Boyd and Layshia Clarendon, who are quick and athletic guards. If they get a steal, or you take a bad shot, with a turnover, they're headed the other direction. And their speed will definitely match up with Louisville. The thing with Louisville is you've got to defend the three. And I think Cal's got the perimeter to match up.

LB: Let's say Cal does make it to the National Championship. Against a team like Notre Dame, or a team like UConn, how are their guards then matching up?

CP: I think that it's more than just the guards. I think that they physical play and the rebounding capabilities that Cal has, and they've shown throughout the tournament, if they can keep it close, down the stretch in the end, they give themselves an opportunity. I think they'll have to have a balance between inside and out.