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Thank You CGB! $1400 Raised For Our Final Four Trip!

Lindsay and I are in New Orleans because of you. Thank you.


First of all, we want to extend our thanks to the CGB community for their initial response to our post asking to fund our trip to cover the Cal women's basketball team at the Final Four in New Orleans. The support you've shown us in this endeavor has been absolutely incredible and has gone a long way to ensuring our trip will be a long and productive one.

As a community, we've managed to raise around $1,400 in support of our trip! This exceeds our wildest dreams.

We are well on our way to covering all of our travel expenses (which we estimate around $2500-3000 depending on whether Cal advances or not). We cannot thank all of you who contributed enough. We will do our best to provide you with the full Final Four experience in the next few weeks.

And we'd like to extend our fullest gratitude toward Nick. As someone who brought Nick on to cover Cal women's basketball more extensively years back, I know full well the time and effort he put into reporting and analyzing the Bears. I know that we've ruffled some feathers here, and it was never our intention to do so. In our excitement to put this together we forgot that there is someone on our site who deserves a lot of attention and reward for his coverage, and in our rush we failed to show that gratitude. We're hoping that we'll have the chance to make it up to him in the near future, because we all appreciate the hard work he's put into this effort. We hope to make Nick, our many contributors, and all our loyal readers proud.

If you'd like to continue donating, the button is below. First dispatches from New Orleans coming hopefully later today, as we hope to conduct a few interviews today. Keep your eye out!

Thank you again. Go Bears!