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Marshawn on the New Uniforms

What does Beast Mode think of the new jerseys?


In case you missed it, Cal Athletics has been promoting the new uniforms with reaction videos from famous Cal alums - first it was Jason Kidd, and then Kate Scott sounding off. This week's installment brings us Marshawn Lynch, former Cal running back and the inventor of Beast Mode. [Spoilers: he loves them.]

As the third in this series, it is fairly clear that there is nothing new we can infer from watching them, since they all contain the same blurry peeks of the uniforms themselves. Still, they do remain of interest because they feature some genuine excitement around the new look, and seem indicative of Sonny Dykes' desire to reach out to the larger Cal community.

The actual release is still a week away - April 10th, in case you forgot - and CGB figures to have some representatives on hand for the official unveiling.

Until then, all we have to whet our appetites are these videos. Enjoy. #UnifyTheBears