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Golden Nuggets: Ten Questions for Cal Head Coach Sonny Dykes caught up with Sonny Dykes recently and asked the coach ten questions ranging from the transition to Cal to his advice for first-time head coaches. has another interview with Sonny Dykes. The site most recently caught up with the coach after the conclusion of spring practice.

6) Now that you've finished spring ball, what's your priority outside of recruiting as you head into the summer?

We've got to go back through our spring tape and make changes, make adjustments, try to figure out first and foremost where we can place guys so we can have a better sense of what they can do. The good thing is we don't feel like we're going to need to make a lot of position changes. We don't feel like we're going to need to make any wholesale changes, just a couple of tinkering with some things here or there. I think the biggest thing our players have got to do is roll up their sleeves and go to work and completely buy-in to our offseason program and work harder than they've ever worked before. They've got to work incredibly hard academically and make sure that those academic problems are behind us and become a football team. Right now we've got some good players. We've got some guys that did some good things this spring but right now I'm not sure we've got a great team. I think our guys have got to learn what that means.

Sonny assures us that our new uniforms are not striving for the blindness-inducing look exhibited by Maryland and Oregon.

8) Cal has a new uniform reveal coming later this month. How much input did you have into that process?

A little bit. The design concepts were already in place but I had a little bit of input on what we're going to wear and how we want to wear the uniforms. I like the designs. I think it's neat. The uniforms were designed really like a lot of our things around here were designed. Our stadium, for example, it's an incredibly modern stadium that has a classic appeal to it and I think that's the concept we want to go for when it comes to uniform design. We want it to be a classic look but at the same time take advantage of new technologies and branding and that kind of thing. I'm not a freaky uniform guy. We're not going to try to out-Oregon Oregon when it comes to uniform combinations or any of that kind of stuff.

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