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Donate To Help Lindsay and Avinash At The Final Four!

Help us! We need money for jambalaya!


Dear CGB community!

So Avi and I had this crazy idea of going to New Orleans and attending the Final Four as media members. We had no idea if our pass would be approved.

Look! I got like 19 Facebook likes on this too, which really boosted my self-esteem and also motivated me to get credentials for any and every Final Four competition out there (do they have these things in croquet? Handball? Quidditch?) because I usually get somewhere in the range of 0-2 likes on anything I post.


So tomorrow we're headed to New Orleans and the Women's Final Four!

We are currently estimating around $2000 to $3000 (for both, not each, of us) in travel costs because of the short notice, so we were wondering if the CGB community would be able to lend a hand and help us out. We can and will use all the financial support we possibly can get to make the finances of the trip as painless as possible! We'd consider this an amazing gift for all the awesome content we've been trying to provide you over the past few months (and in Avi's case, years)!

What you would get from us!

  • Press coverage on media row (and maybe on the court. Crossing my fingers). An inside perspective.
  • Potential video interviews and transcripts from everyone and anyone for women's basketball. I totally wish we could guarantee interviews with everyone, but, like most media besides the huge outlets, we have to play it by ear, work as hard as we possibly can, and see what/whom we can come up with. If anyone knows me, they know I will be interviewing absolutely everyone who will talk to me. And if they won't talk to me, I'll find their offspring, nephews, nieces, parents, felines, canines, etc, and make something.
  • Example: At the Spring Game, I had the following exchange with Marshawn Lynch. Me: Hey, want to talk to me for a few minutes? Marshawn: Nah, I'm cool. Me: Bye, I'm now going to interview your 6-year old nephew instead. And we did! Coming soon.
  • Seriously, I'll interview Avi if necessary. He will take us on a tour of the WWII museum if it comes down to it.
  • Let's all hope it doesn't.
  • Video and photo posts of everything happening in New Orleans. I called our place of lodging tonight to confirm that they have a hot tub, so who knows, maybe a second iteration of a hot tub interview could be arranged.
  • Various hijinx with gumbo shrimp! We're still not sure about this one.

Now that we've exerted a significant effort at appealing to all of you with our combined hilarity, adorably pitiful impoverished-college/college grad states of poverty, and quirky originality, it will be really, really, maybe unbearably pathetic if no one helps us. We might just have to go to stop blogging and go to grad school. Do you really want that? Do you?

(Note: If our parents now contact you in order to dissuade any donations in hopes of the latter actually coming to fruition, please, please ignore.)

So please donate by clicking the button below or above! We thought that you might want two options, just in case you couldn't find one!

If you now feel we should donate money to you to compensate for the three minutes of your life spent reading this that you will never get back, we encourage you to send complaints to for employing us as indentured servants and expecting us to never need any money!


PS we realized that a lot of you might actually be into the WWII museum so we can totally make a video of that too. Just coughgiveusmoneycough let us know.

UPDATE: We've raised over $650 today!!! We hope you keep on donating! Thank you for the faith you've put in us, and we look to reward your trust with the best possible content from the Final Four that we can provide!