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Cal Baseball vs. Washington Huskies Saturday Gamethread

Friday night's game was a heartbreaker as the Bears fell to the Huskies in the bottom of the 12th after taking the lead in the top of the 12th. Can the Bears bounce back against a recently hot U-Dub team?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

California Golden Bears (18-23, 7-12) vs. Washington Huskies (14-26, 6-10)

Time: 2 PM PT

Online Video: Pac-12 Digital (FREE)

Audio: KALX

Friday night's game was rather frustrating. Cal starter Ryan Mason matched U-Dub's Jared Fisher for almost 9 innings (Mason went 8.2). After a Devin Pearson base hit gave the Bears an one run lead in the 12th, Brenden Farney followed with another hit only to have Mike Reuvekamp thrown out at home on a close play. After Logan Scott started the bottom of the 12th with a HBP then a hit. The Bears botched a bunt and allowed the bases to be loaded. Ryan Wertenberger came in and threw a wild pitch that the Bears actually had a shot at the runner trying to score had a better tag been made, but that was the tying run. Just when the Bears got a glimpse of hope that they might escape the 12th with the game just tied, U-Dub flared a hit over the drawn in infield with one out.

Washington have played well in the last week, taking 2 out 3 over the 5th ranked Oregon State and then two more against a ranked Gonzaga squad. Can the Bears stop their hot streak and come back to win this series?

Programming alert: the Cal-Navy rugby semi-final match (free stream on Pac-12 Digital) is at the same time as this game.