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Keenan Allen Drafted By the San Diego Chargers in the 3rd Round (76th Overall)

After a long, long wait Keenan Allen has finally been drafted. As the 76th overall pick, Allen goes to the San Diego Chargers.

Harry How

Remember when Bryan Anger was a higher overall pick than Keenan Allen? Good times, good times.

Now that a long, long, long, 24-hour period is over for Allen, he has found a new home in San Diego.

Wide receiver wasn't a posititon the Chargers were dying to fill, but they found Allen to be too enticiing of a prospect to pass up in the third round.

Allen has what nobody else on the Chargers' roster has: The physical gifts to replace Vincent Jackson as a true threat in the passing game. However, he probably won't be ready to take on that role in his rookie season.

This is good value for a 3rd rounder, but the fans are still wondering how Tom Telesco intends on addressing the Left Tackle, Nose Tackle and Strong Safety positions.

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