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Cal Football: Catching Up With D.J. Holt!

What's D.J. Holt doing to chase his NFL dreams?

DJ HOLT! And Lindsay Brauner
DJ HOLT! And Lindsay Brauner

Lindsay Brauner: Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner, here with D.J. Holt. Thanks for joining us D.J.

D.J. Holt: Thank you, thanks for having me.

LB: How is your life going right now?

DJ: Life is great. I'm currently looking for a team for me to have an opportunity to play and continue my career as a professional athlete. I'm also going to finish one last class that I have that's keeping me from getting my degree. It's a stats class, an online stats class. Other than that I'm just enjoying life, doing a little traveling, seeing where the future takes me.

LB: What's your training regimen like right now? What are you doing every day?

DJ: Every day I'm trying to shed a few pounds. I do a lot of cardio, a lot of running, and I definitely am eating a lot healthier, so it's trying to get back into the midst (???) of things and getting ready for OTAs and the start of the new season and the upcoming year.

LB: Do you know how many teams are interested in you currently?

DJ: After the season, there were five teams that were interested. I'm not sure exactly which teams they were. I let my agent handle that. My job right now is just to stay focused, to make sure I'm in shape and to stay healthy.

LB: If you could go anywhere in the NFL, where would you go?

DJ: I would go anywhere, but if I had an opportunity to choose, it would definitely be somewhere in California. San Diego would be really close to home. My parents could come to every game. My mom is a 49ers fan, so, possibly maybe the Niners. But I would go anywhere. Anybody who's willing to give me an opportunity to showcase my talent and show that I am a worthy asset for the organization.

LB: What have you been doing every day, and where have you been training?

DJ: I've been training all over the place, mostly in LA. But I've been in New Orleans as well. I got to experience Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl festivities and … the great Southern food. I've been training in Berkeley* for the past two weeks now, so it's great to be back here and I love it.

LB: Have you seen many of the guys, the new guys? Do you train with them, or do you train with ex-teammates?

DJ: I train with ex-teammates, mostly Cameron Jordan and Mychal Kendricks and lately Jeremy Ross and Michael Calvin as well. So we're just training together at the facility and we get in about 10 o'clock and we'll probably get out about 12:30-1.

LB: How much does it help to have your old teammates with you?

DJ: It's great. It's kind of a carry-over from college. We push each other. We kid with each other. We just know each other really well. It's just great to have those guys supporting you even after college football. And we're still together, we're still like a brotherly bond.

LB: D.J., thanks so much for joining us.

DJ: Pleasure, thank you for having me.

LB: We wish you the best of luck in this coming season, and we're excited to see you on the football field!

DJ: Thank you, thank you, appreciate it. Hopefully, you guys will see me soon. No, hopefully, no hopefully, you definitely will see me soon.

LB: Yes.

DJ: So, yeah, just look out for me, and thank you.

*This interview was conducted in February.