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Cal Band Bearitone Ben Weise Interviewed At The Women's Final Four

We had to do something on the scene during the Cal vs. Louisville game, so why not spend time with the Straw Hat Band?

Avinash Kunnath

Given we had no access on gameday at the Final Four to interview anyone individually, we decided to do something way cooler and interview the best band of all bands. The band to end all bands! And we found a familiar face during halftime of the Cal vs. Louisville game in Bearitone Ben Weise! Let's just pretend we're interviewing them after the game and the second half didn't transpire.


[Cal Band, being great]

Lindsay Brauner: I'm here with Ben Weise. He plays the baritone in the Cal band. Ben, how do you think the game's going?

Ben Weise: I'm pretty happy right now. Everyone's looking good. Everything's looking great.

LB [spies the photobomber]: What do you think are the keys to our success right now?

BW: I like the way they're playing down in the post. We're getting the height advantage over them and they're playing really well down there.

LB: Ben, do you like Golden Blogs? California Golden Blogs?

BW: Yeah, I was on there. I was interviewed for the Giants parade we did there a couple of months ago.

LB: Is this a cooler interview than that?

BW: Yeah, just a little bit.

LB: I thought so. How come?

BW: FrankCohen, he's a good guy, but..

LB: Oh, I'm cooler?

BW: Yeah.

LB [surviving multiple photobomb attacks]: It's not that basketball is cooler, it's that I'm cooler, okay. How about basketball versus baseball?

BW: Ooooh, that is a tough one. They're all good. I'm an equal opportunity sports watcher.

LB: Nice! Are you guys allowed to cheer during the game?

BW: Oh, of course. We're not allowed to stand because of NCAA rules, but they can't stop the voice, man.

LB: They can't.

BW: I mean, you can hear it, maybe. I'm losing half my voice, we still got a half to go.

LB: Well, you still sound pretty good to me.

BW: Yeah, I'll get there. By the end of the game I hope to have no voice. We'll be cheering all game.

LB: Ben, I have one last question. It's kinda weird. If you were going to make the other team into Harry Potter characters, do any of them remind you of any particular Harry Potter characters?

BW: On the Louisville team? Oh, there's two of them that are really short. They remind me of the house elves. I mean, they're short. They're way down there.

LB: Maybe they are house elves.

BW: It could be that. Very, very well. Who knows.

LB: Alright, Ben, thank you so much.

BW: Thanks for having me.


LB: Hi, I'm here with the Cal band and they have something to say.

Cal Band: GO BEARS!!!!

BW: All the way to the top, number one!