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Pac-12 and Mountain West Conference To Organize Scheduling Agreement?

Are the Pac-12 and MWC gonna get in bed together on out of conference scheduling???


Because Cal can't play Nevada enough (breaks down, starts sobbing uncontrollably), the Pac-12 and Mountain West may have some sort of scheduling agreement. Nothing is official, but the MWC has come to the Pac-12 to sit down and try to hammer something out. The Pac-12 generally has the upper hand here, but there are several MWC teams that can draw fans.

CBS has more:

PASADENA, Calif. -- Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson said his conference has approached the Pac-12 about what he calls a "best practices" connection -- sort of a West Coast alliance for nonconference scheduling, sharing of officials, and bowl matchups

Thompson said there's nothing official but thinks the Pac-12 is receptive to the idea. The 24 teams in the Mountain West and Pac-12 comprise most of the West Coast college football landscape. Idaho and New Mexico State are Sun Belt-bound. BYU is an independent.

The power conferences usually stick together, but this could be a way for both leagues to cut travel costs. The Mountain West and Pac-12 currently share New Mexico and Las Vegas Bowl tie-ins. The ACC and Big 12 also are exploring an alliance.

The Mountain West feels solidified after renegotiating television rights with CBS and corraling Boise State and San Diego State back to the league.

What do all y'all (correct Southern grammar alert!) think of this? No idea whether it will happen or not, but we could use more trips out to Nevada! I suspect we'd see a lot of 2 for 1s, but I think the MWC teams are happy to go on the road against a marquee opponent.

Also, as an unrelated side note, while doing some basic Google Fu for this story, I found out that Nevada takes on UC Davis in 2013 in the battle of Cal OOC opponents. Can Coach Ron Gould get revenge????? GO BEARS!