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Golden Nuggets: Scott Fujita Ends His Career--Some Wonder If Jahvid Best Will Be the Next Bear to Retire

As Scott Fujita ends his career at Machu Picchu, many wonder if Jahvid Best should be the next Bear to retire.

Win McNamee

Yesterday Scott Fujita added a little more history to one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. He signed a one-day contract with the Saints to end his career with the team he helped propel to a Super Bowl XLIV victory.

Scott Fujita signs his one-day contact with the Saints from Machu Picchu atop the Andes mountains. Photo courtesy of New Orleans Saints.
Fujita, 33, was in the Andes with former Saints teammate Steve Gleason, who is battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

“What better place to reach the end of the road than here at 10,000 feet above sea level, in the Peruvian Andes overlooking Machu Picchu with my dear friend Steve Gleason?” Fujita said in a statement through the team.

Meanwhile, many wonder if Jahvid Best should call it quits. He has not been on the field in over 18 months and still has not been cleared to play due to residual post-concussion symptoms. Now that Best has qualified for the NFL Pension, he has further incentive to hang up his helmet.

"Based on the length of time, I don't know what doctor is going to clear him," said ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, a former NFL running back who was forced to retire because of concussions. "The longer symptoms linger, the more severe the trauma has been."

"Obviously, people aren't clearing him for a reason," said Jeff Tedford, who coached Best at Cal. "I want the best for Jahvid, which would be a long, productive life. If that means not playing anymore, that's probably the right thing to do."

Best, 24, isn't ready to retire. He continues to train in the hope that he is someday cleared to play.

"I am never giving up hope," he told the Baltimore Sun last month. "I'm staying ready so if the opportunity does present itself, I'll be ready."

That Best continues to show post-concussion symptoms after 18 months is an ominous sign.