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Cal Football Interview: Bryce Treggs Transitions Into Top Receiver Role

Cal wide receiver Bryce Treggs gets set to become the potential number one option as a sophomore and discusses the new coaching staff and his first year at Cal. This is the first of a two-part interview!

Bryce Treggs interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Bryce Treggs interviewed by Lindsay Brauner
Lisa Rosen, CalTV

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey Bears fans, I'm here with Bryce Treggs. Thanks for joining us Bryce.

Bryce Treggs (BT): No problem, thanks for having me.

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LB: What's your earliest memory of Cal?

BT: My earliest memory would probably be scoring the first touchdown at Memorial. It was my first college game and I was nervous and after that touchdown all the nerves just went away and I felt like I'd been here for a couple of years.

LB: Was it always your dream to attend Cal?

BT: Honestly, it wasn't really always my dream. I was considering a lot of other schools like UCLA, Notre Dame, USC, Washington, other schools like that. In the end, Cal was the best decision for me. But it wasn't my dream growing up.

LB: What's your major here?

BT: I plan to major in business. I'm still taking some requirements right now, but I plan on getting into the Haas School of Business.

LB: Who's the biggest influence on you here at Cal?

BT: Here at Cal, it probably would have been Keenan Allen, but he took his talents to the NFL. He's going to do great there. He just taught me so much in my first year here and he's one of the big reasons why I started as a true freshman.

LB: What was it like starting as a true freshman, and how is it now to have a change in quarterback?

BT: It was pretty fun starting as a freshman, because every time you went out there you were kind of underestimated because they were like, "Oh, you're just a freshman, he's not gonna make an impact."

The change in quarterback, I like all the guys that we have, all the options. Jared Goff, Zach Kline, [Allan] Bridgford [ed note: Interview conducted in January], Kyle Boehm, [Austin] Hinder. All of them are great quarterbacks, so whoever ends up becoming the starter I'll be comfortable with all of them.

LB: What do you think of your new head coach so far? Do you like his style of coaching, his schemes, all of that?

BT: We haven't really had a chance to bond with him yet because he's been on the road recruiting. But from what I've heard and from what I've seen on Louisiana Tech's highlight tapes, he knows what he's doing, he's a great coach.

LB: What are your thoughts on your new position coach?

BT: Coach Likens is great. It's almost like he's one of us. He jokes with us. But when it's time to get serious he also knows how to get down to business, so Coach Likens is a real cool guy and a great coach. He's going to teach me a lot of good things.

LB: How did last season go for you, and how did your injury play a role in your performance?

BT: I got injured in the Utah game, and that was very unfortunate because I missed the last three games. They were really big games. We had Washington, Oregon and Oregon State, so it was pretty unfortunate to miss those.

The season obviously didn't go as well as anyone would have hoped. We went 3-9. But everybody is just focusing on this year. Everybody is buying into the system, and we'll definitely have a better season this year.

LB: How excited are you for your new recruiting class that's coming in?

BT: The new recruits that we have are real funny guys. They're real cool. It's almost like they're already a part of the team even though they haven't been here yet, because they've been here so many times on visits. So I'm excited about them, and I feel like they're all a great group of guys, and they're going to bond well with us.