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Did Cameron Jordan and D.J. Holt make the Cal Quidditch team? The thrilling conclusion!

How did two of Cal football's greatest players fare in the game of broomsticks? Find out!

Lindsay Brauner, D.J. Holt and Cameron Jordan
Lindsay Brauner, D.J. Holt and Cameron Jordan
Avinash Kunnath

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Lindsay Brauner (LB): I'm here with Nick Mertz, captain of the Cal Quidditch team. Nick, thanks for joining us.

Nick Mertz (NM): Yeah, no problem.

LB: What did you think of the two guys who auditioned today, DJ Holt and Cameron Jordan?

NM: Yeah, I was really disappointed.

LB: DJ, Cameron, how do you guys think that your try-out went today? Cam, let's start with you-how'd you do out there?

Cameron Jordan (CJ): As to be expected, I dominated the field.

NM: They were huge, so we were expecting them to be really good, really athletic, and really good with the physical aspect, like tackling, but surprisingly, they weren't.

CJ: I am a winner. I am a mighty sun. I cannot be stopped. And forever I will shine.

LB: Okay... DJ, how did you do out there competing on the Quidditch pitch?

DJ Holt (DH): Whatever he said.

NM: They're kind of uncoordinated. They fell around a lot.

LB: They seem like they're pretty positive about the experience. Do you guys think you made the team?

DH: No doubt.

LB: Did they make the team?

NM: No, they didn't.

LB: Are you intimidated, looking at the level of play out here? Do you think you can keep up?

DH: Oh, definitely. I'm out of their league.

LB: Cameron, how do you feel?


LB: Are you feeling a little bit religious about the Quidditch experience? Is that what i'm seeing on your face here?

CJ: Inner peace brings inner happiness. If I exude happiness, others will come.

DH: I'm an athlete.

LB: What does this spirituality and what you're exuding have to do with the Quidditch field?

CJ: For it is not spirituality that I seek, but it is excellence within the sport itself.

LB: How do you... looks like he's done. He's ready to get out there on the Quidditch field and compete.

LB: Even though Cameron is a team booster, he's just not going to get a spot on the team at all?

NM: Yeah, no, I mean, we just didn't have any room for them at all.

DH: Look at me, I'm big; I intimidate everybody.

NM: We can only have 21 people play at once in a game, by league rules.

DH: Yeah, I feel far superior to the people out here.

NM: They just didn't make that cut.