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Cal Football Interview: Brennan Scarlett Talks The Bears, Academics, Defense & More

Brennan Scarlett prepares to make the shift from the linebacking corps to the defensive line and also gets ready for the Haas School of Business.

Brennan Scarlett with Lindsay Brauner
Brennan Scarlett with Lindsay Brauner
Lisa Rosen, CalTV

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey Bears fans, it's Lindsay Brauner here with Brennan Scarlett. Thanks for joining us, Brennan.

Brennan Scarlett (BS): Yeah, no problem.

LB: I wanted to start out by asking you about your defensive coaches and the new hires. How do you think they're different from your former coaches and what do you like about your new coaches?

BS: They bring in a whole different energy. It's more of a younger coaching staff than last year. They're bringing in some new schemes and stuff also and changing up our defense and having a different kind of offense. I like the changes and I think it'll be good for our team.

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LB: What are your thoughts on the new hire, Coach Dykes, his coaching style, and how he interacts with the team?

BS: We haven't really seen him too much because he's been out recruiting and stuff. When I've talked to him, he seems like a cool guy. [He's] high energy, so I think it'll be a good change.

LB: You won the Cal Spirit Award this past year; what does this award mean to you and how do you think you exemplify Cal spirit and excellence?

BS: Well, they didn't really explain to me what that award means, but in my head, I feel like I just came and worked hard every game, brought a good attitude, came hyped, and tried to get me team hyped up, so I feel like that's what it means to me.

LB: You were also on the All-Pac-12 Academic Team; have you picked a major yet and what are your favorite classes here, what do you think that means for your team?

BS: I just applied to the Haas School of Business in November, so I'm waiting to hear back at the end of February to see if I got in there, so there's that. My favorite class is probably my first class when I got here.

UPDATE: Brennan got in! Congrats!

LB: What's your favorite on-field memory so far?

BS: I think going to Ohio State last year; even though we lost, it was a great experience, like, 100,000-plus fans. It was crazy.

LB: So, our linebacking corps should be pretty stacked next year. Where do you see yourself fitting into Coach Buh's 4-3 scheme?

BS: Well,so far, it's looking like I'm gonna move back to defensive end, go back to defensive line. I came in as a freshman playing D-line, so I'm familiar with it a little bit, but it'll be a change, but I think I'll be all right.

LB: Do you prefer to play linebacker or D-line?

BS: I liked linebacker a lot last year because I got to stand up and do some different things, but [Coach Buh's] telling me he's gonna mix it up, do some things I did last year at linebacker, along with some defensive end stuff.

LB: Brennan, do you have any hidden talents that we should know about?

BS: I'm trying to learn how to play the guitar right now, so that's one. And I'm also a swimmer; I was a swimmer in high school, so I'd say no one really knows that.

LB: Do you get to swim much out here?

BS: Every now and then, like last year I used to go to Clark Kerr around summer time and take a little dip.

LB: Brennan, what originally interested you to come to Cal?

BS: Well, first off, I wanted to focus on academics. Academics was a big thing for me. And then, it was either Stanfurd or here and I wasn't really into the Stanfurd thing, so Cal was the best place for me.

LB: Which of the Pac-12 teams do you get most excited at the prospect of beating.

BS: Probably Oregon; I'm from Portland, Oregon, so every time I go home, I always have to hear something from their fans, so if we beat them, I'd be pretty happy.

LB: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BS: Either in the NFL, that's my first goal, or owner of some business or start-up or something; try to find a little niche.

LB: Brennan, thanks so much for joining us! We're excited to see you play this season.

BS: Thank you.