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Cal Quidditch: Cameron Jordan and D.J. Holt try out

Can Cal defensive behemoths Cameron Jordan and D.J. Holt earn the illustrious honor of the Golden Snitch? Lindsay Brauner investigates.

Cameron Jordan, D.J. Holt, and Lindsay Brauner enjoying the sunset
Cameron Jordan, D.J. Holt, and Lindsay Brauner enjoying the sunset
Avinash Kunnath

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Are you excited for your Quidditch try-out?

Cameron Jordan (CJ): *shakes head* Mm mm. *beckons to DJ Holt* You should answer that.

LB: Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner here at the sidelines of Cal Quidditch practice. I'm here to give you an inside look at the team, their secrets, their strategies, and everything that's going on at their first day of spring practice. Thanks to their new coaching regime, practices are now public.

CJ: Yeah, in no way, shape, or form would I ever play this.

CJ: There could be other people around for this.

LB: Yeah, there could be. Are you embarrassed?

CJ: I don't know. I'm never embarrassed by anything I do. That's why I just don't do things I'd be embarrassed to do.

LB: Okay, good. So, I'm here with an aspiring Quidditch player, Cameron Jordan. Cam, how did you decide to come out here today?

CJ: *mumbling* The real question for you is, how do you feel about being a new Quidditch player?

LB: DJ, what made you want to come out to the Quidditch pitch to try out for the team today?

DJ Holt (DH): I just thought it was very interesting that these kids are not studying, but they're playing Quidditch. I remember Quidditch when I was reading Harry Potter and I thought it was pretty cool. I always wanted to play it, but I didn't think people actually played in real life.

LB: Cam, why do you think you have all the necessary attributes to become a successful Cal Quidditch player.

CJ: *mumbling*

DH: But, it's very interesting, very cool, to see that these guys-women and guys-have an imagination.

CJ: *mumbling*

LB: Can you speak up a little bit please?

CJ: *bursts into laughter*

LB: How do you feel about the new coaching regime on the Quidditch team? This is their first day of spring ball and practices are now public. Do you think that's a good move on their part? Oooh-that was a nice block on the field there. How do you feel about the new public practice policy?

DH: I think it's good. Everyone can get out and watch and cheer on the Quidditch team of California, Berkeley.

LB: That's right; that's what we're here for and we will be cheering you on as you audition to become the newest member of the team along with Cameron Jordan.

CJ: Come on, press record!

LB: Thanks for joining us...

CJ: She's struggling. She's struggling! Struggle! Fight! Fight!

LB: We wish Cameron and DJ the best of luck in their try-out. They'll probably do great. They seem to be bringing a lot of enthusiasm to the table here. They're really looking to get after those balls on the Quidditch pitch.

Thanks to TheScientist019 for transcribing!