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Did Keenan Allen Fail A Drug Test At The NFL Combine?

Conflicting accounts are emerging regarding this.


It is unclear exactly what has happened, but ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that league sources have indicated to him that KA21 was "red-flagged" for a drug test at the NFL Combine and had to re-take it. Schefter does not seem to know the result of the 2nd test. However, per Schefter, Allen's agent is denying this:

Allen's agent, J.T. Johnson, denied that his client has failed any drug test. One source said Allen had suspiciously high levels of water in his system.

Per Schefter, Allen's agent said the retest related to ankle and knee injuries and did not have anything to do with drugs

The agent does have a rational self-interest in denying this story, so it's hard to take the denial at face value. Schefter is fairly reputable and probably wouldn't run on something unless he had faith in his "unnamed NFL source." But it is always important to keep a wary eye regarding 'unnamed sources," because you never know what the agenda is. The NFL is big business and an agent representing rival wide receiver(s) could be trying to get rumors started to hurt Allen's draft stock. Allen's draft stock has seemed very up and down recently with different analysts placing him all over the place in mocks. Of course, it all ends next week when the draft actually happens.

Just wanted to provide an update regarding these items, which came across the twitterverse this morning. How do you think this will affect Allen's stock, if at all????