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Oregon Football Found To Have Committed Major Recruiting Violations!

What is the punishment going to be?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How unanticipated! Recent documents released by Oregon show that the NCAA found they had committed major violations. ESPN has more:

Documents released by the University of Oregon show the school and the NCAA agree "major" violations were committed by the football program, both The Oregonian and Portland, Ore., television station KATU reported Monday.

The documents focus heavily on Will Lyles, who ran a recruiting and scouting service and has been widely reported to be at the center of the investigation, according to the reports. Most of the alleged violations cited occurred during the tenure of former Ducks coach Chip Kelly, who left Oregon in January to become the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

KATU has the findings:

Finding 1 – Will Lyles had impermissible contact with prospective student athletes

Finding 2 – The school paid for recruiting services that violated NCAA rules

Finding 3 – Heavily redacted (TwistNote: WTF?!?! What'd they redact??)

Finding 4 – The school made 730 impermissible phone calls

Finding 5 – Too many coaches were involved in recruiting

Finding 6 – Did the school promote an atmosphere of compliance? (TwistNote: This is apparently really redacted, too)

Finding 7 – The school failed to properly monitor recruiting practices

Apparently, the NCAA and Oregon could not come to an agreement on punishment, so it'll go to an Infraction committee hearing. KATU says that hearing will happen this spring. What do you think the punishment will be?? Tell us in the comments!

We will keep you up to date on all the comings and goings on this matter. Looks like Kelly bailed at the perfect time!