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Cameron Jordan Discusses Cal vs. Louisville At The Final Four

The Cal women's basketball super fan had plenty to say on the outcome of Sunday's contest in New Orleans. Also donate to help fund Avi and Lindsay's Final Four expenses! We've raised over half our needed goal of $3200!

Cameron Jordan discusses the Cal-Louisville game.
Cameron Jordan discusses the Cal-Louisville game.
Avinash Kunnath

Lindsay Brauner (LB): Hey, it's Lindsay Brauner. Look who I found back in the wings of the Final Four. Cam, what's up?

Cameron Jordan (CJ): [Turns hat back to put on his Cam-istotle thinking cap] Nothing, just witnessed a game go awry.

LB: What happened there? Why'd it go awry?

CJ: We didn't the calls that we needed. I think we had a solid game plan going in. Girls were moving the ball really well, didn't drop a couple of shots that needed to happen.

LB: Who do you think was playing the best on Louisville's team that really sunk us the most?

CJ: [readjusts the thinking cap to fire up the neurons] Number four [Antonita Slaughter], she drained a lot of crucial threes. Really counteracted what we were doing with all our speed. They clearly had a solid game plan.

LB: How did you think the Cal girls did in the first half compared to the second half? Was there a big change of pace? What do you think happened?

CJ: I think the refs went back to the background and decided to change their game plan up and didn't like the Cal girls going to the finals, so we got a couple of hacks in. Louisville got a couple of calls that definitely were missed. Like I'd say a good solid ten. You know the basic fundamentals. Traveling, double dribbles, such and such, but whatever.

LB: Elbowing in the face?

CJ: Right, I mean there were clearly some horrible calls that were missed. And a lot of horrible calls that were made. That's the game of football, or a game of basketball...

LB: It looked like football sometimes though! Freudian slip, right?

CJ: [turns cap back to allow for meditation during interview] Right, for sure. I mean, the girls were legitimate. Louisville was definitely playing super aggressive and they should've been cuffed by the refs on a couple plays but they clearly weren't.

LB: Clearly. Well thanks Cam. What are you about to do tonight?

CJ: Go to sleep.

LB: Go to sleep?

CJ: I've got workouts tomorrow.

LB: I thought you were going to Bourbon Street.

CJ: No no, I told you "Go to Bourbon Street". I'm going to sleep. I'm gonna let you party. I've got work tomorrow.

LB: I don't party. I have work tomorrow.

CJ: Hm. You've been drinking a couple of drinks?

LB: No.

CJ: [leans towards LB at a 45 degree angle] Your cheeks look a little red. You a little flushed?

LB: [leans away from CJ at a 45 degree angle] They're not. You just make fun of me for being white and so you think my skin is red.

CJ: You had a couple of drinks?

LB: No.

CJ: A daiquiri?

LB: You seem like you have.

CJ: Not at all. I've been completely sober.

LB: Really.

CJ: I've had some water.

LB: I've had some water too. Check my bag, it's full of about seven water bottles.

CJ: [stares directly toward the center of the Earth] Oh is that Stoli vodka? Oh god.

LB: [notices Cam's pockets] Oh, oh my goodness! You can't see, but he has a flask in his pocket. And a few in his backpack too.

CJ: [shakes head all the way] It's just a wallet. It's rather large.

LB: There are like eight flasks. He has big pockets. He's a big guy.

CJ: I do have big pockets. They hold a lot.

LB: A lot of flasks.

CJ: Bands will make her dance.

LB: Flasks. No bands. There are no bands in there.

CJ: Oh there's bands.

LB: No, there's not.

CJ: There's bands.

LB: Actually, knowing you, there probably are.

CJ: Exactly. There's Cal Band over there and there's Louisville Band, so there's clearly a lot of bands to our back.

LB: That was funny.

CJ: Thank you.

LB: You're welcome. Thanks Cam.

CJ: For sure.

LB: See you soon.

CJ: No.

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