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Fantasy Week in Review: Whose Bracket Won it All?

Someone posted a huge margin of victory in our fantasy bracket challenge. Was it you? (Spoiler alert: probably not)

Andy Lyons

Well, the Big Dance is over. Let's take a look at the standings to see who came out on top.

 photo CGBStandings_zpsed8a50b4.png

Reef won and won by a huge margin. This wasn't even close. He had a whopping 19-point margin of victory. Not only did Reef anticipate a Louisville-Michigan final, he also nearly picked the final score. He predicted an 82-77 Louisville victory and was only one point off from the 82-76 final. With a winning performance like that, the rest of us shouldn't have even bothered joining the league.

Here are some other highlights:

  • unclesam22 proved to be king of the mods by posting highest score among your fearless leaders at CGB. Twist was very disappointed to finish second.
  • i have no idea what i'm doing actually had a very good idea of what he/she was doing and had the largest number of correct picks with 42.
  • Hey Bowles Hall! and The Great Barrier Reef were the only two to pick Michigan and Louisville in the finale. Bowles picked Michigan to win, however. A correct pick still would not have been enough to dethrone Reef.
  • Hey Bowles Hall! also had the strongest finish among those of us who did not pick Louisville to win.
  • Kyle B Dreams of Bears finished 76th overall (out of 156 who filled out their brackets), a remarkable feat considering he picked Cal to win the tournament.
Well, it's been fun. Let us spend the next 11 months singing songs of praise for Reef.